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I’ve had a fairly productive couple of weeks on the writing front, so here’s a quick breakdown of what I’ve posted if you’re interested and think there’s something you might have missed…

  • Because I apparently love over-sharing now, I decided to inflict a #problematic anecdote on the world, and because I’m no longer even pretending to be interested in the game some comics people play where they try to pretend that they’re not one of those comics people, I decided to swallow my shame and talk about a Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game I enjoyed with some of my friends.
  • Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling #1: Mogwai Reborn/Remurdered – In which I wrote about everyone’s favourite/least favourite Scottish art rock band, and how they’re still thriving on contradictions all these years after the first perfected the loud/quiet/LOUD dynamic.
  • If White America Told the Truth About Its TV Dramas For One Day Its Whole World Would Fall Apart - Prompted by a bit of trolling from one of my fellow Mindless (BOBSY!), I made a list of American TV dramas in an attempt to try to work out what I valued there.
  • Was There Blood on the Sheets? – I reposted this old article on Parker: The Hunter and Batman Year One because I liked the way it applied my creaky auld EngLit skills to the art of those books. Something I also tried to do in…
  • Fresh off the loo, here’s some comics reviews! – Where I reviewed comics by Harvey Pekar & Joseph Remnant, Ulli Lust, Marc-Antoine Matthieu, and Moogs Kewell in some detail. Cleveland and Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life both manage the difficult trick of being worthwhile without being worthy, and I’m glad I finally managed to give them the time of day they deserve.
  • Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling #2: Ab-Soul, Abstract, A$$hole – My first halfway serious attempt to write about hip-hop, which… given that there was a point last year where that was pretty much all I listened to, I figured I should probably work out how to discuss this style of music. Ab-Soul’s Control System is very Mindless Ones, what with its air of psychedelic, weed-addled paranoia and rebellion, but there’s a real sense of hurt to the record that I was trying to get to through writing about all of that stuff.
  • Spritz, or “Welcome to the World of Tomorrow (1983)!” – My first halfway serious attempt to write a tech post. This one’s about an app that aims to help people read 500 words per minute by rapidly beaming pictures of words into their eyes, and this article is my way of trying to work out whether this is reading as we know it and if not what it might possibly be for.  
  • I took some time out of my exciting, bloggy lifestyle to take a trip down to England for a weekend. When I came back to what I laughably call reality I wrote about a visit to Newcastle’s Baltic Mill, rambled on about its most impressive exhibit (The Palace, by Salla Tykkä), and posted some photos from a day spent titting about in Guisborough forest with a minimal amount of wordy accompaniment.
  • Having spent so much time writing about stuff that’s not comics for my comic book website, I thought I should try writing about comics a bit more here so we had a bit of comics chat about the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four, then we followed up on that with some Grant Morrison because YOU DEMANDED IT, etc.
  • Acrostics are kind of stupid, but I did one for a Scout Niblett song and so far my parents haven’t disowned me!
  • Cabs Rule Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.) part 1 is the first half of a stupid wee comic script I wrote for the lovely S-Mackattack – we’ll post the second half next week, with a few more comics to follow.
  • Finally, in an attempt to try to claw back some of the geek cred I so blithely declared myself free of at the start of this posting, I wrote a few book reviews and bundled them together in the one post as “Suck it nerds, I’m off to read some real books” #1 – EGOMANIA

I’ve got a few more posts in the works right now, and I’m hopeful that I can keep a decent work rate up over the next few months but I’ve got a couple of big writing projects to finish so we’ll see how it goes – the line between “useful warm-up” and “overpowering obsession” can start to seem awful thin sometimes, y’know?

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Hornby! No No No #1: Mindless Ones 2011

Sing it in the style of Girls Aloud or don’t sing it at …

One Song For You’s Top Five bits of Mindless Bloggery 2011:

5)Mssrs Amypoodle and Zom, with Masters Andrew Hickey, Bobsy, Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969 by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil

In which a creepy walk on a summers day got even creepier and more summery with the help of the Mindless Massive. Still the best annocoms in town, no question, and the classic classics features and Kevin O’Neil interview were pretty fucking great too.

4) The Direct Marxist on The Communist Bullpen and The Theatre of the Direct Market

Because it felt good to broaden the conversation about the shitty ethics of your (our?) favourite concept farms that was ongoing throughout 2011, because the  ”ethical capitalism” is a tired joke to be filed alongside “military intelligence”, and because FULL COMMUNISM »» Glibertarianism, always.

3) Bobsy vs Mark Millar for the Month of Bastards

Sometimes you have to work hard to break a bastard’s reasonable facade and expose the prime fucknugget within, but sometimes…. sometimes the bastards do all the hard work for you.

2) Zom vs. The Joker, Three Fools parts 1, 2 and 3

Brother Zom might think these posts needed more work, but for me this essay series was just more proof that my fellow Mindless Ones “get” the potential of these lurid fictions way more than most of the fatbalding awkwardmen who are paid to maintain them.

Heath Ledger? Aye, that guy’s Joker was pretty good in a prawn cocktail sort of way, but we’re talking about DINNER here, awright?

1) Amypoodle Presents: A Very Hauntological Reading of The Invisibles, in three parts

It’s a little bit annoying that my favourite bit of Mindless bloggery from 2011 didn’t actually appear on the Mindless Ones site, but on the other hand these posts are easily the best things to have graced the “pages” of the relaunched Comics Journal website so it’s not all bad!

Before I read these articles I was pretty sure I was done with The Invisibles. No comic had ever fucked me up so much before, and I didn’t (and still don’t!) expect any comic to ever fuck me up quite so much again, but at the start of 2011 The Invisibles seemed exhausted and embarrassing, like so much of my own past. And maybe it still is every bit as irrelevant to NOW as I expected it to be, but while I was reading these articles the comic seemed alive and inhabitable once more and (it sounds stupid to say it but this is how it felt so fuck it!) so did the future.

Say it once more with feeling, try to believe it:

"See! Now! Our sentence is up!"

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