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Awright troops, if it seems like I’ve been quiet recently that’s only because I’ve been coordinating various nefarious activities with the FACELESS MINDLESS COLLECTIVE.

We interviewed top blogger and academic Marc Singer about his new book on Grant Morrison here.  If you’re hot for hypostasis, or if you just like reading smart writing on good comics, you really need to check out both out interview and Marc’s writing.  

(Marc’s running previews of the book on his blog right now - here are parts one and two of his take on Morrison’s JLA run.)

The FACELESS MINDLESS COLLECTIVE were feeling particularly sinister this week, so we also interviewed Patrick Meaney about his new Warren Ellis documentary, Captured Ghosts. We spoke to Patrick about his previous documentary, Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods just after I joined the site back in 2010, so it felt right to be coming up with questions for him again at the end of my first year on the site.

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