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Fucked Up - ‘Turn The Season’

Which is to say: that the same sentiment that keep coming up in the lyrics - see, for example: "And he said/"I have never been as happy as I a today"/But then the seasons turned and the darkness came” AND "It can’t be comfortable when you know the whole thing is about to fall" AND "Let’s be together until we’re finally crushed" - is right there in the sound of the record, which is basically the sound of a band trying to achieve escape velocity when they know that they’re always going to come crashing right back down into the dirt.

The weird thing is that this turns what might initially seem to be the worst thing about the album (its bloody-minded repetition and its insistence that you pay attention to a seeming infinity of minor variations on the same sorts of growled phrases and face-punch guitar riffs) into its greatest strength. You see, after 18 tracks this stops feeling tiresome and starts feeling overwhelming, so overwhelming that it seems imperative to put the CD back on again in order to let its cyclical structure play out over and over and over.

"The boot off my throat, life is returning…" 

Repeat after me: exhaustion is the road to awe.

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