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EpicDash: 32 Surreal Places On Earth That Belong In A Dream, Part 2. 

Part 1 here

1: Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia. Lake Baikal is the largest and oldest freshwater lake in the world. In the winter, the lake freezes, but the water is so clear that you can see 130 feet below the ice. In March, frost and sun cause cracks in the ice crust, which results in the turquoise ice shards we see at the surface.

2: Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey. Over millions of years, the hotsprings in Pamukkale have transformed the landscape. Although it may look like these terraces are made of ice and snow, Turkey has bikini weather all year round. The ground is just coated in white limestone.

3: Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland. These sentinels are actually giant trees covered in snow and ice. This strange sight occurs in winter, when temperatures range from -40 to -15 degrees centigrade.

4: Yuanyang County, China. The farming techniques in Yuanyang County have created a landscape which is truly amazing from the air. These rice fields are located on the slopes of Ailao Mountain, where the terraced levels help create flat surfaces along an uneven landscape.

5: Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA. Fly Geyser was accidentally created when a well was drilled and left uncapped. Minerals and algae started to rise from the geyser and accumulated to form an alien-like mound.

6: Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming, USA. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring is the largest hot spring in the United States. The vivid colors in the spring are the result of pigmented bacteria, which grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water.

7: Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius Island. Strong ocean currents continually drive sand from the shores of Mauritius into the abyss below, creating this one-of-a-kind underwater waterfall.

8 & 9: Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives. It may look normal during daylight, but at night, this beach comes to life. The sparkle in the water comes from marine microbes called phytoplankton. The galaxy they paint across the shore is nothing short of breathtaking.

10: Glowworm Caves, Waitomo, New Zealand. Thousands of tiny glowworms hang to the ceiling of this grotto and radiate a luminescent light, creating a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie.


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Ghostface Killah: King of the Wasteland

On ‘Centre of Attraction’ and ‘Enemies All Around Me’, Ghost’s voice cracks as internal conflict enters his world for the first time on this album – external conflict being something of a non-issue for a super-competent gang boss who can overcome death in order to take revenge on his enemies. These songs see Ghost’s character (Tony Starks, natch) fighting to keep both his own deep reserves of sexism (“Bitches is sneaky, triflin’, and not to be trusted”) and the waves of suspicion that are coming towards him from his crew in order to keep faith that his girl isn’t just setting him up for a hit. In typical Ghostface style, he is able to convince himself of this only by way of conjuring up a visual that’s as striking as it is unprompted: “That’s my lady, she would never backstab or double cross me/Standing butt naked in the storm, sipping the frosty.”

Of course, this script being predetermined, it turns out that his sexist instincts were correct…

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Someone has said that Donne wrote as if poetry had never been written before. He cultivated a rough and obscure style, just because he hated the mellifluous numbers of the conventional poet. Lenin’s hatred and contempt for the Romanoffs could not be more intense than Donne’s savage disregard for Spenser and Shakespeare.
William Talbot Allison, Bolshevism in English Literature (via talesofpassingtime)

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The Dear Green Place


Archie Hind only finished one book in his lifetime, but that novel is one of the great Glasgow stories.  The Dear Green Place is a tale of working life that’s half a century and a quick scrabble up the class ladder away from my experience of the city, but it captures the suffocating pride of the town better than any other novel I know, barring maybe Alasdair Gray’s Lanark.

It’s also one of those stories that protests its own impossibility on every page ("This is the fish that never swam/This is the bell that never rang"), and yet there it is, sitting on my bedroom floor right now.

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Batgirl fan art
I did my own redesign.  As you see, I dropped all the stupid superhero shit and replaced it with Prada.  And rather than her be some rando off the WB street, I made her Valentina.See.  It’s better.


Batgirl fan art

I did my own redesign.  As you see, I dropped all the stupid superhero shit and replaced it with Prada.  And rather than her be some rando off the WB street, I made her Valentina.

See.  It’s better.