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I’m genuinely shitting myself about casting my vote today because for the first time in a long time, my vote doesn’t just have the feel of a frustrated protest to it. This time my vote might actually change something, and the terror this provokes is the terror of responsibility, of having to live up to the consequences of your choices.

It’s easy enough to vote for the Greens or the Socialists safe in the knowledge that they’ll oppose the ruling party of the moment from the margins. Voting for something that will inevitably have ramifications throughout your own lifetime and beyond is somewhat more difficult. This really matters, and the fact that this is such a shock to the system is a big part of why I’ve decided to vote the way I am voting.

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"We’re never going to solve the problems of Scotland if we don’t face up to what they are, and they all come down to one major problem: we live in the second lowest wage economy of all the advanced economies in the world, because we pursued for 35 years a me-first politics which sought gain and benefit only in the winning, the victory of the biggest and the strongest…"

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"The excitement that many in the media South of the border are building up around the rise of UKIP is a fundamentally anti-politics message, it’s telling people that they are right to cynical and jaded, and that there are no inspiring political ideas. We need to challenge that and make sure that Scotland’s political landscape evolves in fundamentally different direction to that." 

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Military jobs have been shamelessly used throughout the referendum debate to manipulate public opinion. Better Together leaders play on understandable fears about employment in the defence sector. But while cutting spending on munitions will lead to some job losses, Scotland would create more jobs by re-investing the money anywhere else. Military spending is among the least efficient way to create jobs. A US study found that $1 billion spending would create 11,200 jobs. By contrast, the same outlay would create 16,800 clean energy jobs, 17,200 healthcare jobs, or 26,700 education jobs. Re-training workers and re-directing spending can create a secure and sustainable future.
Cat Boyd & Jenny Morrison, Scottish Independence - a Feminist Response (via eisaru)

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